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3 simple Cocktails you can do at home this festive season!!

Christmas cocktails have a comforting quality. These drinks, from cosy toddies, citrusy spritzes, and our signature Driven Snow (a rummy mix of ginger, white chocolate, and candy cane), are sure to help unwind from the stress of the holidays and toast the holidays in style. Everyone needs that, right?

Affogato Martini


· 30ml of chilled Nocturne Noir Coffee Liqueur

· 45ml of chilled Vodka

· 1 shot (75ml) of good coffee, cooled

· 1 tbsp of chocolate ice cream (Baileys Ice Cream is the best)


Mix the Nocturne Noir, vodka, and coffee together until you have a creamy, golden-coloured combination.

Scoop a spoon of ice cream into the centre of a Martini glass or Champagne Saucer.

And pour shaken ingredients over it. Additional shaved chocolates as a garnish will be a plus.

Twisted Christmas Punch


· 1 btl Lime Garden Gin

· 2 x 1.5L Ice Cream Soda

· Shaved lemon skins (half)

· 1 packet Sour Plum (dried/powder)

· 3 x Lemon Grass (Cut into halves & smash)


Fill a jar or drinks dispenser with 1 bottle of ice cream soda. In a jar, mix all the 3 condiments and let it sit for 30 minutes. It can also be mixed the night before and left overnight. Fill dispenser with ice. Pour the entire bottle of Gin and the remaining Ice Cream Soda. Mix well to combine. The portion shown is based on a 4L dispenser, but you can add more if your dispenser is larger.

Strawberry Moscow Mule


· 45ml of Pinky Vodka

· 90ml Ginger Beer

· 4 strawberries (muddle)

· Berries (optional)

· 20ml simple syrup (sugar syrup)

· Fresh Mint leaf


Lightly muddle strawberries. Pour crushed ice into a mug or glass. Pour vodka and ginger beer over ice. Add syrup if desired. Garnish with a strawberry and a few mint leaves.

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