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DIY Martini's in the comfort of your own home

A caffeinated alcoholic beverage that consists of espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka. Although it is not a true martini since it contains neither gin nor vermouth, it is one of the many drinks that use the term martini in their names.

Espresso Martini

45ml Fuel Vodka

20ml Wenneker Café Liqueur

10ml Simple Syrup

Single espresso

3 or 4 Coffee Beans as garnished

These are the steps that are involved in the making of the product:

· Pour all ingredients in the cobbler shaker accordingly.

· It is advisable to leave the espresso to cool for a couple of minutes if it is still hot. Dry shaking is a method of making drinks with more froth.

· Fill it up with ice and shake it again.

· Pour slowly and you will see a layer of froth on top of the drink, place the garnishes and serve.

As a dessert, this is an excellent choice if you prefer sweet, creamy, and smooth cocktails. The flavour of Amaretto Liqueur is like that of toasted almonds. Café Liqueur and cream or milk enhances the taste of this drink and adds a smooth, tingly sensation to the mouth.

Toasted Amaretto

30ml Fuel Vodka

15ml Wenneker Amaretto Liqueur

15ml Wenneker Café Liqueur

45ml Cream/Milk

1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder/Shaved chocolate (optional)

These are the steps that are involved in the making of the product:

· Fill ice in Cobbler Shaker

· Add all ingredients except Cocoa powder/shaved chocolate.

· Shake well for 45 seconds & pour in glass

· Spread cocoa powder/shaved chocolate on top of drink as a garnished and to sweeten the drink.

An alcoholic cocktail that recreates the taste of Banana Split dessert. Due to the use of Crème de Banana & Crème de Cacao White, the flavour resembles the dessert itself. As a result, this is a flexible "make as you like" martini recipe because it can accommodate any fruit liqueur in addition to the ingredients listed without compromising its basic taste & flavour.

Banana Split Martini

30ml Fuel Vodka

15ml Wenneker Crème de Banana

15ml Wenneker Crème de Cacao White

Sliced banana or Strawberry as garnish.

These are the steps that are involved in the making of the product:

· Fill ice in Cobbler Shaker

· Add all ingredients in shaker and shake well.

· Add selected garnish and served.

Add your favourite "toppings" to this recipe, from strawberries to pineapple, caramel to whipped cream, just like a real banana split. You can customize the flavours of the drink right from the ingredients. Make your drink luscious and creamy by mixing it with creamy vodka or by adding fruity mixers.

Orange juice, Vodka, and Crème de Orange come together to make this delicious and easy cocktail! Here's how to make this easy homemade martini!

If you love lemon drops and orange juice, you will LOVE this recipe for orange martinis. The concept is the same, just the flavours are different.

Orange Martini

30 ml Fuel Vodka

15 ml Crème de Orange

45ml Orange Juice

Citrus Salt (optional)

Orange slice

These are the steps that are involved in making this product:

· Fill ice up in shaker

· Add ingredients accordingly

· Shake well and strain.

· Salt rim glass (optional)

· Pour drink in glass, add orange garnishes to your preference and serve.

The martini can be prepared in a variety of ways using either gin or vodka.

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