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Nocturne Noir Coffee Liqueur

Nocturne Noir is an enchanting blend of the finest European eau de vie aged with premium quality single-origin Arabica coffee beans straight from the highlands of Colombia.


The eau de vie is composed of barley, wheat, and rye, which have been distilled five times in a copper still and triple filtered with basalt lava rocks and quartz sand to remove any impurities. The spirit is then aged with coffee beans that have been carefully handpicked so only the ripe ones are used to gently coax out the desirable notes and flavours.


To ensure the purest taste, each bottle contains only natural ingredients with no added sugar, colouring flavouring, or additives. Your enjoyment of the drink is enhanced with a lovely sense of an alert-high, thanks to the natural source of caffeine from the Columbian coffee beans.


Nocturne Noir is best enjoyed chilled neat, in cocktails, or on the rocks. It pairs well with European and Japanese cuisines, acting as the perfect digestif to cap off your meal.

Standing the test of time, Nocturne Noir embodies the ultimate coffee spirit.

BASE SPIRIT: Single source wheat, barley, and rye
INFUSION: Aged with single-origin"cherry-picked" Colombian Arabica coffee beans
DISTILLATION: 5 times distilled in copper stills
FILTRATION: Non-chilled triple filtered through basalt lava rock and quartz sand
ALCOHOL: 38% vol.


TASTING NOTES: Hints of vanilla, toffee, almonds, amaretto, and hazelnut, slightly creamy and mildly sweet
TEMPERATURE: Best served neat at 5 degrees
BEST SERVED WITH: Milk Chocolate, Tiramisu, Cheeses, and Vanilla Ice-Cream
HIGHLIGHTS: Pure and natural with NO added sugar, flavourings, colourings, preservatives, or additives


Due to the infusion process, naturally forming sediments may occur.


Alcohol (%) : 38
Volume (ml) : 100

Nocturne Noir Coffee Liqueur

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