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Junmai Daiginjo

It's Junmai Daiginjo sake using the table rice Hatsushimo harvested in Seino Gifu prefecture, particularly using locally harvested special rice in Ogaki. It pairs well with food, in the beginning there is rich sweetness but has a crisp short finish and pairs well with seafood.



Category: Junmai Daiginjo

Toji (Head Brewer): Asako Watanabe
Type:  Medium

Rice:  Hatusimo 50%

SMV (Sake Meter Value):  6

Acidity:  1.1

Aminoacidity:  1.6

Alcohol:  15.5%

Tasting:  Semi Dry

Serving Temperature: Chilled

Serving Recommendation : Can be served as an aperitif


Alcohol (%) : 15.5

Volume (ml) : 720

Snow White Junmai Daiginjo

$87.00 Regular Price
$72.63Sale Price
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