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Craft Beer
Taste:Tropical-fruity, citrusy, tart
Alcohol content:8.0 Vol.-%
Beer style:Westcoast-Style Double India Pale Ale
Hop varieties:Brewhouse: Cascade, Simcoe
 Whirlpool: Centennial, Cascade
 Cold hopping: Mosaic, Centennial, Cascade, Citra


Enjoyment event: Menu accompaniment, tasting

Sommelier description:Hopheads, get ready for something! It rumbles and roars and rumbles - our Rumble IPA. Luminous amber, crowned with soft, stable, fine-pored foam. Delicate natural cloudiness allows the sun's rays to break into it. It smells intensely of bitter citrus fruits. Grapefruit and lime peel are held together by resinous pine notes. The drink is juicy, the rezenz pronounced. The body is muscular and well present. Memorable hop bitterness dominates the night drink - long-lasting, beguiling, addictive! A classic Westcoast IPA - oh, how I've missed you! Hops? Hops! Our brewmaster has let off steam here: Cascade, Mosaic, Citra, Centennial and Simcoe bring 60 bitter units to the palate. With 8 vol.-% alcohol, it makes no compromises - DOUBLE IPA!


Rumble Westcoast-Style Double IPA

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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