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Hananoi Special Junmai Thief Cat Label

Hananoi - Matured Tokubetsu Junmai by Traditional animal label matured junmai series. This sake used Koshihikari rice made in Makabe town, it is matured over a year and it is most enjoyed in hot sake, pairing well with food. Recommended food is deep fried dishes, Chinese food, snacks like potato chips. Best to drink room temperature or hot sake.




Category: Junmai 
Toji (Head Brewer): Yuichiro Nishioka
Type:  Medium

Rice:  Koshihikari rice (60%) <Made in Sakuragawa city Ibaraki prefecture>

SMV (Sake Meter Value):  5

Acidity:  1.7

Aminoacidity:  1.4

Alcohol:  15%

Tasting:  Semi Dry

Serving Temperature: Chilled

Serving Recommendation : Goes well with meat dishes.


Alcohol (%) : 15

Volume (ml) : 720




Hananoi Special Junmai Thief Cat Label

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