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Cailleach Single Malt 30 YO



Popular mythology tells of the Cailleach being crowned as the hostile ‘Queen of Winter’, who controls the frost and freezing winds. We beg

to differ. Our Cailleach is a captivating Single Malt that offers a warm and smooth personality reflecting its origins in Scotland’s Speyside Region. This magical whisky has it all, a deep umber colouring and an intoxicating nose of honey, warm spices and heather blossom – all thanks to 30 years aging in old bourbon oak barrels. Its Speyside lineage also provides the rich intensities of Scottish fruit cake on the tongue. Which is why both connoisseur and whisky newbie will be sure to warm to the majesty of this Single Malt.


Alcohol (%) : 40
Volume (ml) : 700

Cailleach Single Malt 30 YO

$2,090.00 Regular Price
$1,739.00Sale Price
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