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Junmai Ginjosyu

It is 14.5% ABV so relatively low alcohol sake so easy to drink. It has fragrant aroma but dry taste. When you taste in the beginning, you will feel the sweetness. Ladies love this sake. Using gilly flower yeast.



Category: Junmai Ginjo
Toji (Head Brewer): Yoshiaki Yoshida
Type:  Light

Rice:  Gohyakumangoku 60%

SMV (Sake Meter Value):  7

Acidity:  1.1

Aminoacidity:  1.1

Alcohol:  14.5%

Tasting:  Semi Sweet

Serving Temperature: Chilled

Serving Recommendation : Can be served as an aperitif

Alcohol (%) : 14.5

Volume (ml) : 720

Bansho Hanegi Shibori Junmai Ginjosyu

$71.00 Regular Price
$59.13Sale Price
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