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Taste:Chocolate, espresso, dry
Alcohol content:7.5 Vol.-%
Beer style:British-Style Imperial Stout
Awards:World Beer Award - Germany Gold 2017; Meiningers International
Craft Beer Award - Gold 2018


Enjoyment event: Menu accompaniment, tasting

Pleasure combination: Goes well with bitter chocolate, plum cake, cinnamon rolls, grilled banana, praline

Sommelier description: Deep black in the glass with imposing, beiger foam crown. A beguiling scent of chocolate and mocha. The high proportion of roasted malt from oats and wheat makes the drink very creamy - like a chocolate mousse made from bitter chocolate. Soft, warming, making you happy. From in front of the fireplace, feet up and let the evening end satisfied.

Baltic Stout

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
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