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Wembley Dry Gin

Wembley, the old London district, started to stand out in the 16th century. It became in time one of the most prestigious locations in London: a place where history and entertainment come together, a mix of modern and traditional, power and elegance, where gin became the preferred spirit - a place of transformation and evolution, of diversity of human nature, but where the human values and London spirit are kept intact.

Being inspired by the evolution and transformation of this old district into a modern city, full of life, as well as by the passion to create the perfect gin, we made WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN with great pride – a perfect harmony between the London identity, the royal elegance and the authentic English recipe.

Obtained exclusively through the redistilling of highest quality ethylic alcohol in traditional stills, with juniper beans and aromatic herbs, WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN is made with great passion and dedication to premium quality. This exquisite liquid is wrapped up in the elegant bottle of WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN. WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN has been awarded 24 Gold medals in international spirits competitions. This is a testimony to our dedication to quality; we take great pride in it. If you care about what you drink, choose WEMBLEY LONDON DRY GIN!


Strong juniper, with notes of orange, fresh coriander and subtle star anise


Strong, fulfilling


Medium and pleasant


Serving recommendations
Ideally in Gin & Tonic, as well as base for other mixed drinks

Alcohol (%) : 37.5​

Volume (ml) : 700

Wembley Dry Gin

$52.00 Regular Price
$43.00Sale Price
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