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Sake Tasting Set

Tasting Notes:The only sake brewery located in Shidoshima island in the Seto inland sea. 4 sake tasting set by Shodoshima Shuzo. Sake labels shows the images of the islands with "Fuwafuwa" - Junmai Ginjo, "Fufufu" - Ginjo, "Utouto" - Junmai, "Pipipi" - Honjozo - it is in 100ml bottles in the special wood case. Sake is made by the Tanba Toji style and it is mostly handmade with the umami of rice.

Junmai Ginjo Sake "Fluffy." 100ml / 17% Alc
Ginjo sake "Fufufu." 100ml / 17% Alc

Junmaishu "Utoto." 100ml / 17% Alc

Honjozo sake "Bibibi." 100ml / 17% Alc

Sake Tasting Set

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$91.53Sale Price
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