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German Sour Ale
Taste:fruity, wine-like, sour, dry
Alcohol content:5.6 Vol.-%
Beer style:Sour Ale

World Beer Award - Germany Gold 2017; Meiningers International
Craft Beer Award - Platinum 2020


Enjoyment event: Aperitif, reception, tasting

Pleasure combination: Perfect with reception snacks, oysters, artichokes, graved salmon, avocado

Sommelier description: We brewed this rare beer with two lactic acid strains and Bière brood yeast. It surprises with an elegant fruit acidity - refreshing, fruity sparkling like a very dry cider. A beer to toast, celebrate and enjoy - a real sour seduction.

Mermaid German Sour Ale

$14.99 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
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