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Junmai Daiginjo Rabbit Label

Junmai Daiginjo by Hananoi - matured Junmai sake, Traditional animal drawing label seriesIt matured over 1 year using Yamadanishi rice grown by the high school students in Makabe Highschool Ibaraki prefecture. It is good to drink warm. This Junmai Dainjo is best to pair with food. Recommended food is smoked sausage and ham, yakitori (salt seasoned) - enjoyable temperature is room temerature and relatively hot warm sake.



Category: Junmai Daiginjo
Toji (Head Brewer): Yuichiro Nishioka

Type:  Light

Rice:  Yamada Nishiki 50%

SMV (Sake Meter Value): 2

Acidity: 1.4

Aminoacidity: 1.1

Alcohol: 15%

Tasting: Semi Dry

Serving Temperature: Room temperature

Serving Recommendation : Goes well with meat dishes.



Alcohol (%) : 15

Volume (ml) : 720




Hananoi Junmai Daiginjo Rabbit Label

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$72.63Sale Price
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