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Cailleach Bundle Deal

Cailleach Single Malt 12 Year Old 
12 Year old Singale Malt Whisky mature beyond its years.
This mythical Cailleach is believed to control the mighty whirlpool of the Gulf of Corryvreckan. It’s just one of her many influences on the seas around Scotland. And magically it’s those seas that have left their mark on this distinctive distillery on the north-east shores of Scotland. Where this deceptively mature tasting Malt has aged. Golden in colour, with notes of fresh cut grass, soft spices and green apples, and a rich and pleasant finish that leaves the lingering taste of mature oak and spicy orange.

Caileach Single Malt 15 Year Old
Unleaseh the thunderous power and sophistication as the Cailleach washes her great plaid cloak, a process that takes many days, the roar of the tempest can be heard from far, far away. This association with storms and thunder has certainly helped the aging process at this distinctive distillery in the Western Highlands. This has resulted in a deceptively mature tasting Malt. With a warm golden colour it offers a rich, round, full bodied nose – with sophisticated notes of pear, blackberries, toffee and citrus. Connoisseurs will also savour the long smooth, yet delicate aftertaste with hints of vanilla


Cailleach Single Malt 18 Year Old 
Scottish winter is often harsh – luckily the animals and plants can rely on the protection of the Cailleach. It’s her strength of character that helps bring everything back to life in the Spring. That’s why this whisky has everything you’d expect from a classic Highland Malt. A rich, dark golden colour – both strong and characterful, with an elegant nose and warm, complex taste. This definitely is the malt that you’ll want to get to know, to discover its exotic spices and intense berries.

Cailleach Bundle Deal

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