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Craft Beer Dubbel
Taste:Fruity, wine-like, dry
Alcohol content:8.5 vol.-%
Beer style:Belgian-Style Dubbel
Awards:World Beer Award - Germany Gold 2019; Meiningers International
Craft Beer Award - Gold 2020


Enjoyment event: Menu accompaniment; tasting

Pleasure combination: Perfect with spicy cheeses, game, lamb, rib eye steak, plum cake


Sommelier description: Warm chestnut with red reflections and cream-beiger foam crown. The abbot's yeast, in combination with the rye, wheat and roasted malt, produces a complex fragrance game of dark dried fruits: plum, date, rum rose and a hint of hazelnut. The drink is dry, elegant and leaves a wine-like impression. 

Baltic Dubbel

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.50Sale Price
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