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Craft Ale
Taste:Spicy, wine-like, dry
Alcohol content:7.5 Vol.-%
Beer style:Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale
Awards:World Beer Award - 2018 World´s Best Style Winner; Meiningers
International Craft Beer Award - Platinum 2017


Enjoyment event: menu accompaniment; tasting

Pleasure combination: Perfect with very spicy and spicy dishes: Thai curry, pumpkin, beef, pork, fried fish, farmer's gockel


Sommelier description:

Warm gold tone and a voluminous, fine-pored foam whet your appetite. Fine, subtly spicy yeast scent of freshly crushed green pepper and some nutmeg frames the soft, full-bodied body. The alcohol content is cleverly integrated. A very elegant, dry, wine-like drink. Delicately harsh sounds like a long time. The pleasure beer par excellence.

Baltic Ale

$15.99 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
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