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Kinmon Ryoguku Yuzu Sake

🍶✨ Sip Into Bliss with Our Sake Specials! 🍋👶

Indulge your taste buds with our delightful Sake collection! 🌸 Explore the exquisite world of our Yummy Yuzu Sake, a tantalizing blend of citrusy goodness that's sure to tickle your palate. For those new to the Sake scene, our adorable Baby Sake in a convenient 300ml bottle is the perfect introduction.

🎁 As a special treat, each Baby Sake comes with a complimentary Sake set – because every sip deserves a touch of elegance! 🥢✨ Ideal for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike, this compact bottle is a convenient way to savor the rich flavors of Sake.

Don't miss out on this unique offer! Elevate your Sake experience today. Order online today!! Cheers to discovering the joy of Sake! 🥂🌟

Kinmon Ryoguku Yuzu Sake

$65.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price
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