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Bière Brut
Taste:fruity, wine-like, elegant, dry
Alcohol content:10.5 vol.-%
Beer style:Bière Brut
Awards:World Beer Award - World's Best Speciality Beer 2018 & World's
Best Bière Brut Style Winner 2018; Meiningers International
Craft Beer Award - Gold 2019


Enjoyment event: Aperitif, reception, tasting

Pleasure combination: Perfect for reception snacks


Sommelier description: A magnificent foam crown fills the festive glass. Rich gold shine and a charming fragrance play delight the senses: delicate fruit bouquet according to Mirabelle embedded in an exquisite wooden barrel note with subtle acidity. The noble French brood yeast brings freshness and gentle tingling. The dry, elegant body gets its noble touch through the bottle maturation.

Quadriga German Bière Brut

$19.99 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
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