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Craft Beer
Taste:Fruity, wine-like, dry
Alcohol content:5.6 Vol.-%
Beer style:Bière Brut
Awards:World Beer Award - Germany Winner 2019; Meiningers International
Craft Beer Award - Gold 2020


Enjoyment event: Aperitif, reception

Pleasure combination: Perfect with reception snacks, asparagus, fresh strawberries, sorbet


Sommelier description: A seductive beer for the festive occasion: brewed with chalky water and fermented with Bière-brood-yeast. Delicate-fruity scent of light grapes and pear. Fine pearly, subtly tingling, with subtle acidity and dry finish. The noble refreshment from the white Baltic Sea resorts.

Island Chalk German Bière Brut

$14.99 Regular Price
$8.50Sale Price
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