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Junmai Daijingo Ikioimasamune Silver Carp

The brewery utilises a 3-level sake fermentation process, sourcing only sake rice produced in the Nagano prefecture. An additional 4th level - with glutinous mochi rice is used to make Junmai Ginjoshu. This releases a rich flavour from the sake rice, and elevates the sweetness from the glutinous mochi rice. A crisp, clear sweetness on the palate.



Category: Junmai Ginjo
Toji (Head Brewer): Shinji Seki

Type:  Medium

Rice:   Kinmonnishiki rice, glutinous mochi rice 59%
SMV (Sake Meter Value):  -11

Acidity:  1.8

Aminoacidity:  1.7

Alcohol:  16%

Tasting:  Sweet

Serving Temperature: Chilled

Serving Recommendation : Goes well with meat dishes


Alcohol (%) : 16

Volume (ml) : 720


Junmai Daijingo Ikioimasamune Silver Carp

$72.00 Regular Price
$60.40Sale Price
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