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Craft Beer Mixed - Advent Calendar

We only brew our own creations, inspired by little-known, forgotten, historical and international beer styles. In addition, we rely on bottle maturation and light protection through wrapped bottles. Our rare beers can be recognized by long-lasting freshness, maximum fragrance, the fine-grained carbon dioxide, firm foam and the highest enjoyment value.



Only the best raw materials come into our beers. We brew with around 30 hop varieties, 30 malt varieties and 30 yeast varieties - 30x30x30 result in 27,000 possible combinations. In addition, there are the skills and creativity of our master brewers. In this way, we create a maximum variety of enjoyment.


What is included in the box of 24 bottles : 

BALTIC ALE - Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale - 7.5%Alc, 330Ml

BALTIC STOUT - British-Style Imperial Stout - 7.5%Alc, 330Ml

BALTIC DUBBEL - Belgian-Style Dubbel - 8.5%Alc, 330Ml

BALTIC TRIPEL - Belgian-Style Tripel - 9.5%Alc, 330Ml

BALTIC GOSE - Contemporary Goes - 6.5%Alc, 330Ml

BALTIC FARM - Farmhouse Ale - 6.5%Alc, 330Ml

UBERSEEHOPFEN - IPA - 5.6% Alc, 330Ml

GERMAN COASTV - Double IPA - 7.5%Alc, 330Ml

EAST COAST - IPA - 5.6%Alc, 330Ml

BISCUIT PORTER - Robust Porter - 7.3%Alc 330Ml

MEERJUNGFRAU - Sour Ale - 5.6%Alc 330Ml

STARANDFASS - Oaky Pale Ale - 5.6% 330Ml

RUMBLE IPA - Westcoast - 8.0%Alc, 330Ml

ROAR IPA - New England Style IPA 1- 7.3%Alc, 330Ml

HISS IPA - Sour IPA - 7.2%Alc, 330Ml

TWEET IPA - New England Style IPA 2 - 6.0Alc%, 330Ml 

SNAP IPA - Brut IPA - 7.5%, 330Ml

BITE IPA - German Hops IPA - 6.6%Alc, 330Ml

SNORKELERS - SEA SALT IPA ( Alcohol Free ) - 0%Alc, 330Ml

INSEL SAISON - Biere De Saison - 5.6%Alc, 330Ml

INSEL KAP - Oatmeal Stout - 5.6%Alc, 330Ml

INSEL KREIDE - Biere Brut - 5.6%Alc, 330Ml

BIERE BRUT - Quadriga - 10.5%Alc, 330Ml

SURFERS - Summer Ale ( Alcohol Free ) 0%Alc, 330Ml

Craft Beer Mixed - Advent Calendar

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